The Voyage

Kindle Voyage





Price: £169.99 + Free Delivery

Connectivity: Wi-Fi or Free 3G

Dimensions: 162mm x 115mm x 7.6mm

Weight: 180 Grams. With additional 3G 188 Grams

The Voyage is an excellent piece of technology and is another Customer favourite rating 4.5/5 on Amazon customer reviews. Its different to the Paperwhite and here’s why:

  • The high resolution display which reads even more like a printed page
  • Page-press, this enables you to turn the page without even lifting a finger
  • adaptive front light that provides exceptional lighting night or day
  • This battery also last weeks!


Overall the most popular aspect of the Voyage is definitely the Page-press and the adaptive lighting. This allows the user to read comfortably and to barely even lift a finger!

If the Voyage is something you feel that would suit your needs you can click this link right here: Kindle Voyage or alternatively click on the price or heading and it will take you straight to Amazon where you can have access to more pictures and thousands of customer reviews!


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