Last but not least

Kindle Oasis

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Price: £269.99 + Free Delivery

Connectivity: Wi-Fi or 3G

Storage: 4GB with Free cloud storage for all Amazon content

Colour: Black

Colour for charging cover: Black, walnut or merlot

Dimensions: 143mm x 122mm x 3.4-8.5mm

Weight: 131/238 Grams. with additional 3G 133/240 Grams

(weight without cover/weight with cover)

This the Kindle Oasis, this is for you reading enthusiasts out there that really love the get comfy and read a few chapters a night or even listen to an audiobook.

This has a really cool finish to it, making it the thinnest kindle to be made. Here’s some more features that the Oasis provides:

  • Has an Ergonomic design with buttons for effortless page turns
  • Has the longest kindle battery life – The charging cover can boost battery life so it can last for months!
  • Multiple choice of coloured charging covers such as (Black, Walnut or Merlot)
  • Adjustable front light provides ideal brightness for any situation


So the choice is yours, do you feel this is the Kindle for you or is one of the other two more up your street? Either way one of these three are definitely worth investing depending on your personal preference.

If the oasis is the one you would rather have thenplease either click this link: Kindle Oasis or click the price or the heading and it will take you straight to the product on Amazon where you will have access to over 500 customer reviews.

I hope this has helped you with your decision and I hope you know what you’re looking for now!




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