Amazons best seller

Kindle Paperwhite


Price: £89.99 + Free Delivery

Connectivity: Wi-Fi or 3G

Storage: Free cloud storage for all Amazon content

Colours: Black or White

Dimensions: 169mm x 117mm x 9.1mm

Weight: 205 Grams. With additional 3G 217 Grams

This is the new Kindle Paperwhite and it really is amazing, its one of Amazons best sellers and has brilliant customer reviews. I highly recommend this for anyone who has never owned a Kindle before and the more you read you will understand why it’s such a good choice.

Compared to the original Kindles this has got so much more such as:

  • 6″ High resolution display (300 ppi) It reads just like paper!
  • A built-in adjustable light which allows you to read at your own convenience
  • No screen glare (Unlike any tablets)
  • A single charge last weeks!
  • Its much lighter than a paperback and can hold thousands
  • Massive selection of books and audiobooks


This product is fantastic and if you feel this Kindle is for you then its only a click away. You can either give this link a click: Kindle Paperwhite or just give the price or the title a click and it will take you straight to Amazon where you can purchase this fantastic piece of technology and access to over 12,000 customer reviews!


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